Changes, Changes

May 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s amazing how much can change in a few months. I am now happily employed in a job I love and randomly never even really considered before I applied for an internship position there in January. I’d never really understood that much about PR, and whilst I love fashion and ┬ámagazine as much as the next girly girl, I hadn’t ever seriously considered making a career out of it. But I’m now working at a small but perfectly formed PR agency, looking after several great ethical fashion brands. I’m still in the early months but at the moment, I am loving it completely.

But all these changes leave me with a bit of a dilemma. My blog has always been about my search for a job, a method of catharsis when I feel completely disenchanted with the whole process of university. But where do I take it now? Should it become another in a sea of fashion blogs? Should I continue to reveal everything about my professional and personal life online? It’s a difficult decision.

For now, I think I have to stick to my first impulse in starting and writing this blog. I started writing here, not in the hope that anyone would read it or care, but in the hope that by writing down my thoughts that I would begin to understand them. Gradually, as my job hunt dragged on longer and longer after graduation, my writing the blog stemmed from a desire to write not just for myself, but for all graduates that have found themselves in my position. Whilst being unemployed is in many ways a lonely place (filled with countless episodes of Jeremy Kyle and Cash in the Attic), I also became part of a society of graduates who feel let down by the university system, and ultimately feel that they are worth much more than their current unemployed status would suggest.

So maybe this blog will continue on in this vein. Sharing stories from graduates who are looking for their first break into the job world (and are rightly and┬ádeterminedly not settling for less than their dream job) and sharing my thoughts on what happens when you do “make it”.

For now, read some of these other great inputs and perspectives from graduate job hunters and bloggers:

And feel free to suggest others. I’ll let you know what I decide in the next few weeks.

I’m off to Thailand in June so maybe it will all become a travel blog by then… we’ll have to just wait and see.



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