Is this the best day ever?

May 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

So that’s it – the end of my degree and 16 years of education! For my final ever exam, it was a little anti-climatic because it seemed so unlike every other exam I’ve taken in the past 5 years or so; I even used a calculator! A part of me was wishing that I’d finished last Friday like most of the other English Lit. 3rd years but after having one of the best days yesterday, I’m officially glad that I didn’t. After all, what better way to end your degree than a lovely lunch, bottle of wine and slightly drunken but successful shoe shopping AND then come home to find an invitation to interview sitting in your inbox!

That’s right, folks – I got through to the 1st interview stage of the IPA Summer School to get a 5 week creative placement at a top London ad agency. I am so excited!! To be honest, it felt like I emailed over my application aaaages ago what with how much I’ve fit into the last 6 weeks, so I’d kind of given up hope on it and was awaiting the generic rejection email to find its way to me. In fact, when I saw the message in my email, I was so convinced that it would be another rejection that I completely overlooked the massive “Congratulations!” of the 1st line in my attempt to scan through and read the oh-so-familiar words of “Unfortunately, this time….”

So I’m pretty happy right now! I guess this just officially cements even more that copywriting – and more generally, the creative side of advertising – is what I’m supposed to be doing. My interviewers at DDB last October seemed to think Iwould fit more in the creative side because the majority of my marketing experience is creative-based. I just love coming up with ideas and concepts and that feeling of massive success when you discover (although, “discover” makes it sound easy) the idea that just fits. The ideas that are so simple they’re brilliant are the most rewarding to figure out.

Just have to wait a few days to hear exact timings and format of the interview, but I’m already planning a shopping trip to buy some more clothes. I figure, I can wear whatever I buy for this to graduation as well so can afford (or in my case, justify) to splurge out.

At the moment, I’m trying not to think about what could happen if I actually get it, because it would just be a dream come true. Besides, if I overthink it, I will probably blow it by not being myself at the interview. For now, I’m content to second-guess what the format will be like (I’m thinking a chat and a Copy Test, as well as some group tasks maybe… but who knows) and while away all this end-of-being-a-student time with excessive amounts of internet shopping.

*Fingers crossed* that I have more days coming up that will be as good as yesterday!


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§ 3 Responses to Is this the best day ever?

  • Sophie Fleur says:

    Got rather excited by this when I realised I was in it, don’t forget me when you are famous!

    Reading everything you have written, when you start with the older ones and work to the more recent ones you can almost palpably feel the change in tone – hopeful and optimistic to generally quite frustrated and fed up. Think that feeling alone sums up the transition from student to graduate life for a lot of us right now.

    • jennabirks says:

      Of course you’re in it! Excited to see you’ve started blogging too – I’m loving it at the moment.

      Funny you mentioned the whole change in tone thing – I read through all of them again the other day and you’re completely right. There’s a sort of optimistic nervousness before graduation that gradually descends into irritation with the whole thing. It’s just such a disheartening process!

  • Sophie Fleur says:

    Haha yeah, thought I may as well have a crack at it, Seems to be the current trend at the moment and social media is the latest business tool, so getting on the twitter/blogging train now!

    It is disheartening, That’s why I’m so 50/50 about doing a masters – I’d get the knowledge I need to get into the business world but with another £12000 worth of debt I wouldn’t be able to afford not to get an amazing job fairly swiftly!

    Student life was definitely a lovely warm bubble… and it’s definitely popped now!

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