More Career Confusion

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Once again, after spending too many hours trawling the internet looking at advertising-related things instead of doing my essay, I have developed yet more career confusion.

Having decided that I almost definitely wanted to work in the creative field of Advertising, I have been focused on pursuing this for the past few days (quite excessively) by reading books, blogs and looking up post-grad courses. According to the IPA website, the best way to become a Copywriter is to study BA English, and then either do a post-graduate course in Creative Advertising or Copywriting, or develop a portfolio on your own and meet a partner through initiatives such as D&AD Talent Pool. For some reason, in all my recent soul-searching, I’d completely overlooked the second option, and instead have been focusing on how to raise the money to do a post-grad course next year.

I realise now that that makes very little sense. Why spend a year saving up funds to do a course to build a portfolio and potentially meet a creative partner, when you can spend a year building a portfolio and meeting a creative partner by other and more organic means? There are so many more options than just the D&AD Talent Pool: groups on Facebook, hashtagging on Twitter, and other organised events run by NABS and The Talent Business throughout the year to enable young professionals to meet up. Besides, you can also go to ad agencies for a book crit on your own (and while there’s a chance they’ll place you if you’re good enough) they’ll definietely be able to advise you on where to go to meet like-minded people.

Clearly, this has been a bit of a mini revelation to me. I feel that things seem – while perhaps slightly more daunting – all the more closer and useful to my career aspirations. I know that I don’t just have to kill a year now, but can spend it proactively pursuing my dream job as a practicing copywriter. It probably makes more sense now to look into courses to learn things such as html coding, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. I have a small amount of experience in these, but definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable enough building a book or an online portfolio without some more training, whether that be a formal course or just some extensive library/google research.

Maybe these can be added to my ever growing list of graduation presents? Now, I must go and do some more work on my essay to ensure I actually do graduate – what a waste of time all my career-pondering would be if I procrastinate one day too many.


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