IPA Creative Summer School 2011

April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I just sent off my entry last night for the IPA Creative Summer School 2011. It involved thinking of 2 ideas and identifying an issue, an insight and then developing a creative solution, as well as developing one of these ideas further into a full-fledged advertising campaign across 3 media. I loved working on it and it has fully cemented my future plan to study Creative Advertising and hopefully become a copywriter. I get the same kick out of brainstorming and designing my ideas as I did during my Product Design A-Level, which had a focus on advertising, which was when I first considered copywriting as a career. If I can still enjoy it and love it three years on, after years of not doing it, then it must be something I’m truly passionate about.

It’s immensely satisfying to look at a problem and work around it until you find a solution. Creative problem solving at its finest! I get the same sense of satisfaction that I did watching the final performance of the play I produced last term: immense pride that I had created and achieved such a fantastic result, knowing that it was the result of a lot of late nights and various tearful breakdowns that were all worth it.

It’s incredible to think that each advertising campaign I see or hear about now and think “Wow, that’s amazing!” could be something that I’m working on in the future. I think that would be when I’d know I’d made it in the Advertising world: when I know other people are looking at work I’ve been involved in or responsible for and thinking that’s so clever. One of the IPA creative examples was the dixons.co.uk advert by M&C Saatchi, with the tag-line ‘The Last Place You Want to Go’ which is so brilliantly simple that it’s amazing no one’s thought of it to advertise online market places before, as it perfectly reflects online consumers who internet shop to get the best deal. Obviously, because it’s so simple is what makes it so clever and is why no one’s thought of it before. Ironically, I imagine that the most seemingly simple creative solutions are the ones that take the most time to develop and work on. But I’m really excited for that challenge.

Anyway, I got my confirmation email receiving my entry this morning so fingers crossed. I’ve had to get used to rejection a lot recently from all my applications in Account Management, but I realise now that this just wasn’t the place for me, and it obviously showed. The creative advertising industry is something I feel really passionate about, and hopefully that will come across in my entry. I’d love the placement in an agency this summer to get some real hands-on experience before undertaking my Masters next year, as well as the chance to make valuable contacts.

Regardless of the result, whether I get on the placement or I don’t, I know that this is  what I’m supposed to be working towards at the moment and am happy to finally have some real life direction.

*Fingers crossed*





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