Wow, it’s been a long time…

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I only ever posted once. That’s not good. Especially having read through my first blog again and realising all my unfulfilled claims to future blogging. How embarasssing…

Well, I’m back now (although who knows for how long – I guess, it’ll just keep you all on your toes). Reading through my last update, I realised just how far I’ve come since then, but also how I haven’t really got anywhere at all. I simultaneously feel more knowledgable, and more confused; more experience and more jaded; but at least I have some focus nowadays, or more specifically, I know what I should be focusing on.

I realised, like an epiphany, that I am only 20 years old. When I graduate this July, I will still be 20 years old. A lot of people will graduate when they are 21, some 22 and others even older, so the way I see it that gives me about 2 years to figure out what I want to do with my life before I need to start worrying about being behind. As everyone keeps saying to me, I need to calm down.

So at the moment, the focus is on getting my degree. Well, I say that, but right now I should be writing an essay, analysing some linguistic data and reading a book for my course and instead I am blogging on here, while attempting to complete the IPA Creative task for their Summer School 2011.

The panic I have is that I hate to just sit and do nothing, and I fear graduating meaning that I have to sit around while I hunt for a job for the next few years. I’ve really got the bug this year for action, and for doing something. I can’t believe I spent most of 2nd year sleeping, reading in bed and watching too much Gossip Girl. Now, I need to be up and out most of the time so that I feel like I am achieving things. I have become proactive and an extreme multi-tasker and I love it; it makes you appreciate those down-time moments all the more.

So I’ve just started Twitter. Tweet me @jenloubee if you want to chat.

I’ll write back here soon as (but don’t hold your breath because who knows how long that will be!).

Oooh… also I’ve pretty much figured out my life plan. On graduating: an internship in marketing/advertising/PR to gain vital experience and strategic insight into the industry. September 2011: start a job in the same industry to gain even more experience and add value to the company to really prove myself.

And in the indefinite future (once I have saved up some cash) undertake an MA in Creative Advertising at BucksHert to fulfil my dream of becoming a Copywriter.

Now i just need to set it all up. Wonder how the Guardian #twitterjobchallenge will work out for me. We’ll see….


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